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Our Values

Pam Termal Hotel has been preserving its“family business tradition” institutional philosopy in the environment-friendly facilities where the quality is blended with thermal, holiday and treatment.
.PamThermal Hotel, offerssustainable service qualitythat is developed by world amicability gained through love forhuman, environment, nature and history. One of the chief elements of our service principles is the satisfaction of our guests. This constitutes our main philosophy of “dependable and quality service”.

PamThermal Hotel hold sits place among the leading institutions of health and tourism by being open tone winitiatives and ideas. And we believe that development and innovation is the only path to wards growth.PamThermal Hotel, contributing economically by investing in the region where it is located, keeps a projection to the sector with the support it gives to nature, history and social structure.
Pam Thermal Hotel; Respectfor People, history and the Environment brand representative.

By protecting the values of Turkey and Aegan Region , PamThermal Hotel, appects the respect for environment as its main principle.