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Denizli Pam Thermal SPA Hotel

Located in Karahayıt province of Pamukkale that is on the foothills of the mountains covered by forests Pam Termal Hotel is a five star thermal facility. The guests of our hotel can not only make use of the thermal water that formed Pamukkale travertines and the antic pool of Cleopatra but also can benefit from the pools of red thermal water, which formed the famous red travertines of Karahayıt, that is available in the hotel. The red travertines that are created by the red thermal water sprung in the hotel have also exquisite beauty. Being the first and only medical center of Pamukkale-Karahayıt province, Nobel Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Center is located in the yard of Pam Thermal Hotel.

The distance between the hotel and medical center is quite short that the guests can reach there less than a minute. The hotel is built on 18.000 square metre area just next to the forest. There are 8 blocks and 236 rooms with either forest or pool view that are offered to our guests with the options of suit or king suit.