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Environment & Sustainability

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Environment & Sustainability

In order to be respectable in the world, we respect the world and enviroment ...
PamThermal Hotel aims to control water, electricity, energy, chemical, solid waste amounts without compromising the comfort of its guests. Also it aims to minimize the damage that may be caused to the environment and natural resources.

With the measures we have taken in the light of sustainable tourism principles, applications have been updated so that the use of natural resources has been reduced, the damages to the soil, water and air have been minimized and, if possible, removed.
Part of sustain able tourism practices in our hotel ...
Recycling – Renewable Energy

  • Recycled materials are separated  in all our hotels.
  • The heating system of our hotel is a special system and it provides the heating with the hot waters our ceobtained from the region.
  • Our guests use a system that allow to be cut off after leaving the room.
  • 95% of ou rlighting systems have compact fluorescent lamps and LED lighting.
  • Change of towels and bedlinen is done in the rooms in the direction of guest requests and guests are informed about this. If the guest does not have a request, a change is made every two days
  • Special low armature (8lt / min) armatures are preferred in room bathrooms inks. Allluminaires are perforated.
  • Low shower (12 lt / min) shower heads are preferred in room showers. All showerheads are curtains.
  • Toilet reservoirs are set to consume 6 lt for water saving.
  • Photocellurinals are available in public toilets.
  • Our guests are informed about not to throw away their books, magazines and newspapers they want to dispose, but they are requested to leave them in our reading area. Guests are guided through the selection of books, magazines and newspapers they want to read in the same way
  • After our guests used their medicines,our trained staff is collecting medical wastes,injections,empty medicine boxes from their rooms without disturbing our guests and the environment.
  • Guests are advised touse public transport during city visits and are informed about routes.
  • Time control panel is used top revent unnecessary energy consumption in the sauna.
  • Time clock is used for outdoor illumination. Lighting times are adjusted according to summer winter time.
  • We are aware of our contribution to local economy, so very large proportion of the supplied products, closeto 95%, are supplied from local markets.
  • Electricity consumption is reduced by means of heating system pumps, water pumps and frequency inverters in main airconditioners handling units.
  • The waste water of all our hotels are connected to the water purification plants.
  • Electronic communication (e-brochure, e-flyers, e-newsletter, e-card,channeletc.) is preferred in PamThermal Hotel.
  • In our hotels we user ecycledpaper in the printing of all brochures and promotional items in our premises.
  • All of the fire extinguishers and industrial cold air rooms used in ourrooms do not use chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) gases harmful to the ozone layer.