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Pam Thermal Hotel

Pam Thermal Hotel exists in the western part of Turkey, in Denizli city and Pamukkale Karahayit region, in the foot of forestry mountain. In addition to the fabulous white lime stone of Pamukkale, Karahayit region is also famous for its red water. This thermal spring which has its source within our hotel, fascinates everyone by its formation of beautiful red colored lime stones and thermal pools.
If you enter to our hotel you will be welcomed by one of our smiling receptionists. You will enjoy every corner of our main hall which includes lobby, lobby bar, TV room, administrative sections and a market.

Nicolas Cage has chosen Our Hotel

Famous American Actor Nicolas Cage who had come to Pamukkale for shooting of Ghost Rider 2 was in our hotel at the begining of 2011.
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Pam Thermal Hotel was awarded the Gold Medal in 2009

Pam Thermal Hotel was awarded the Gold Medal in 2009 by the Izmir Chamber of Commerce. Izmir is one of the most important tourism and commercial districts of Turkey. Pam Thermal Hotel earned the maximum foreign exchange for Turkey in Izmir region.
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