Hot Spring Practises

Emergence temperature of our hot spring water is 58 degrees. Red thermal water is a mixed form of

sodium, bicarbonate, sulphate, calcium, magnesium, carbon dioxide and contains 3800 mg mineral

/1 litre in total. Thermal water is utilized in the thermal pools between 33- 38 degrees.

Recommended bathing duration in the thermal pools is maximum 20 mins, unless there is any other

recommendation from doctors or problems that the patient suffers. The frequency of the use of

thermal water is maximum 3 times a day. It is 2 times for the patients that are treated by the cure

programmes. Our guests are advised not to exceed the time limits and frequencies of bathing,

refrain from swimming and immersing their head in the water and highly recommended to lay down

for at least 15 mins and drink water after their thermal cure both in written and orally.